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Applegate - The Android (Animorphs - 10)
[ Скачать с сервера (361.9 Kb) ] 06.08.2009, 19:23
It's shocking enough to see a person get hit by a bus - but  when the person walks away unscathed and you could swear that for a brief second you saw them turn into a robotic dog, "shocked" is hardly the word. But that's exactly what Marco saw, and now the Animorphs start digging deeper into who  this person really is. As a result, they meet Erek King a member of the pacifisic race of andoids known as the Chee, and are recruited to help recover the powerful Pemalite crystal. Only one problem: The Pemalite crystal now lies in the hands of the Yerrks - and trying to get it back may the most dangerous mission the Animorphs have ever undertaken.
Категория: A | Добавил: MoPaHa | Автор: Екатерина
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