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Applegate - The Alien (Animorphs - 8)
[ Скачать с сервера (584.1 Kb) ] 05.08.2009, 21:10
The after effect of the desctruction of the Kandrona have finally started to show: Here and there, Yeerks are suddenly dying of Kandrona starvation, in plain view of people on the street. The Animorphs are celebrating - but Ax doesn't have the heart to tell them the Yeerks wiil be able to cover everything  up. Ax has to keep a lot of secrets from the Animorphs, because of the sacred laws of his people. Thought he fights side by side with them, he can't help but feel like he doesn't truly belong, that the humans wouldn't understand the necessity of keeping these secrets. Now, with some of the Animorphs declaring their distruct, Ax must set out alone to do what none of the Animorphs have yet been able to do: Take on Viser Three, and kill him once and for all.
Категория: A | Добавил: MoPaHa | Автор: Екатерина
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